From Accidental SEO Pro to Director Demand Generation
The Communicate Influence PodcastDecember 12, 201900:45:3031.28 MB

From Accidental SEO Pro to Director Demand Generation

For a podcast host, there is nothing more exciting and fulfilling that interviewing someone who is accomplished and truly engaging. My interview with marketer Gaetano DiNardi was just that. He is Director of Demand Generation for Nextiva, a business VoIP phone system & customer management software company based in Phoenix, Arizona.

In this episode, Gaetano explains how he studied marketing, but left college feeling lost, not knowing what to do. A passionate musician, he entered the music industry and with his writing accidentally taught himself SEO. From there, he got his first job in marketing, eventually making his way to Nextiva. We also discuss demand generation and its best practices.

In my next episode, Gaetano and I continue the conversation, discussing remote working - he's based in Florida - and the skills and talents he looks for when hiring content writers.

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You can find Gaetano DiNardi on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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