Conversational design to play a big role in marketing, PR
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Conversational design to play a big role in marketing, PR

The Future is Spoken isn't just the name of a new podcast, it's a phrase that illuminates the fact that voice will dominate marketing and PR in coming months and years.

Voice technology is now ubiquitous. We speak to our voice assistants at home, to our smartphones, and to our vehicles. Some people talk to lighting and temperature control systems in their homes.

Voice technology is the next big thing, and organizations that are early adopters are using the technology to create new opportunities for customer service.

Shyamala Prayaga is a globally recognized voice technology pro and founder of the Digital Assistant Academy. The Academy was launched this month and is offering its first course, Voice Interaction Design.

The course will qualify people to work with businesses and organizations as a voice designer. They will help create an organization's unique voice, with a human touch.

In the Communicate Influence's latest podcast episode, Shyamala explores the rise of voice, what it means for the marketing and PR industries, and what makes the Digital Assistant Academy unique. She also discusses her new podcast - The Future is Spoken!

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