Artificial Intelligence - A Benefit or a Threat to Public Relations?
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Artificial Intelligence - A Benefit or a Threat to Public Relations?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting the work of public relations practitioners and marketing pros in many ways - and that impact is set to increase. But only for those people who embrace the technology. 

People who are at the forefront of using AI proficiently will have a strong advantage. They are the ones who can differentiate between AI and automation, and understand how AI can benefit communications and marketing. 

Unfortunately, those individuals are in the minority at the moment; PR lags behind when it comes to taking advantage of AI, and in particular machine learning.

This week I talk to Jean Valin, a Canadian PR pro who has been active in researching and discussing AI in the fields for quite some time. 

Jean and many practitioners around the world have been involved in AI in PR, a panel to start the conversation. The panel tracks how much AI exists. It also looks at the amount of hype, because a lot of companies are hyping their products. AI in PR demystifies, and focuses on upskilling by helping PRs and marketers learn about AI's applications.

Jean discusses: 

  • Automation and AI
  • Machine learning and replicating human intelligence
  • The five levels of AI - starting with basic tools, such as listening and monitoring tools, to the top level, structured and unstructured data
  • The urgent need for PRs to upskill and embrace AI
  • The issue of jobs in PR - AI will gradually and increasingly assist humans, but it cannot replace humans
  • Humans will still be required for empathy, decision making, contextualization, emotional intelligence, and ethics
  • Within five years tasks that could be assisted or replaced are between 38 to 40 percent. 

Show notes:

The Global Alliance


CIPR on PR 'sleepwalking' into AI

The Montreal Declaration for Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence

Jean Valin on LinkedIn

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