Alice Major - Why Poetry Makes You a Better Copywriter
The Communicate Influence PodcastOctober 06, 201900:19:4613.62 MB

Alice Major - Why Poetry Makes You a Better Copywriter

Alice Major is an award-winning poet and essayist in Edmonton, Canada. 

In this episode she explores how reading poetry can make you a better writer, whether you’re a copywriter, content writer, essayist, or journalist. Alice has published eleven collections of poetry, two novels for young adults, and a collection of essays about poetry and science.

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Alice grew up in Dumbarton, near Glasgow, Scotland. Her family came to Canada when she was eight, and she grew up in Toronto before coming west to work as a reporter on The Williams Lake Tribune in British Columbia. 

Alice is an active supporter of the arts and writing community: First poet laureate for the City of Edmonton (2005-7); Past president of the League of Canadian Poets; Past president of the Writers Guild of Alberta; Past chair of the Edmonton Arts Council; and Founder, Edmonton Poetry Festival.

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