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Interview suggestion guidelines

Is there someone you think would make a great interview on Communicate Influence? We interview people in communications, PR, marketing, and leadership who can share important insights and creative approaches to challenges.

We’re also interested in interviewing people outside those areas whose achievements are remarkable and offer some real inspiration or learnings to our readers. We accept suggestions from our readers for interviewees who:

A. Have a minimum of five years experience in their specialist area and are recognized by their peers as a thought-leader in their niche, or

B. Have achieved something significant in their specialist area within less than five years, and are recognized by their peers as an expert or thought-leader in their field.

Send us your name, title and a brief summary of why you believe you or your subject will make a great interview for our readers. We’ll never share your email address. And we’ll be in touch if we are interested in your submission.


At times we may publish articles that inspire and inform our readers. To contribute, you must be well-established in your field, successful, and have something unique and insightful to write. Your article must offer a fresh perspective on relevant issues. Alternatively, you may have overcome a major professional problem and want to share that know-how with readers.

We are open to contributions from people who are:

  • On the cutting edge of trends in communications, PR, or marketing
  • Have moved from one field to another and want to share their experiences
  • Are experienced in leadership and communications and know how to be dynamic at both!
  • Can write about marketing or communications strategy in a way that’s engaging.

You’re article should:

  • Be unique
  • Include actionable advice
  • Incorporate a key message
  • Reference sources that are trustworthy
  • Include links to all sites.

In return, we offer exposure on an dynamic and growing site, plenty of social media exposure, and links to your website and social media profiles.


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