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The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, and that includes branding strategies. It is no longer possible to stand still with branding, even if you can’t alter your logo. There are plenty of other innovative ways to get your brand in front of customers and strengthen it by making the right choices for today’s audiences. 

Make it human

Over the years, branding has changed along with most things in the world of digital marketing. But, in many ways, branding has followed the trends of social media as customers begin to expect more transparency and a closer relationship with their favorite companies. 

This has led brands to develop human-focused brand identities. Instead of a brand logo, you are more likely to see a face – as with a social media profile. However, there are some differences. A brand profile logo will likely be an avatar or augmented creatively. 

Use quirky art

Brand marketing is getting more complex every year! The various industries become saturated with the same ideas and then mundane. New innovation is constantly required to make your brand stand out. Of course, it isn’t possible to change your brand log, but you can change some things. 

Using quirky art in ads and social media posts is one way to draw the right attention to your brand and make it unique and interesting. Choose art that says something about your brand or product, make it cute, funny, or entertaining to remind customers of who you are. 

Use concrete branding

True, most of the branding you will see this year is digital, and that’s important. However, what’s equally important is to take your branding offline and create a multi-dimensional brand that customers can recognize and engage with. You can’t do this unless you have some offline strategy. 

If you have an office or a work from the home brand, have some signage made up and create flyers and stickers. If you have a cool logo, your fans might slap them on their laptops, giving you free advertising. Also, bring your HQ up to standard with asphalt paving solutions

Taking a stand

If your brand doesn’t stand for something in today’s world, it doesn’t stand for anything. This can be an issue if your competitors have an ethical focus that aligns with the same target audience. The good news is, there are plenty of world issues for your brand to identify with and support. 

Consider your target audience and the world concerns they might have. Make a list of these issues and choose one to support that aligns with your audience and differentiates you from the competition. This is one trend you want to engage with this year – but choose wisely! 

Make it abstract

Do you have a brand ad campaign coming up, or are you in the planning stages for one early next year? Then, consider using abstract patterns and geometric shapes for your designs. These shapes and practices not only look amazing, but they also have a distinctive purpose behind them. 

Geometric patterns have been used for thousands of years by humans in various forms; nowadays, they are perfect for branding. Why? For two reasons, geometric shapes are both stimulating and distracting. There create the perfect conditions for brand visibility. 

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