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The idea of sink or swim is very relevant to digital marketing. The landscape is always changing and it’s easy to get left behind – sometimes without even realising it.

A decade ago we were in the infancy of digital marketing with the first signs of SEO and digital advertising. Fast-forward ten years and these practices have not only solidified into permanent fixtures they have also begun to deteriorate around the edges. We look at some of the emerging strategies working well in 2020. 


The expectations of consumers are changing as we stand at the threshold of a new decade with a long list of branding lessons behind us. It used to be that customers thought of brands as being out there, something that stood apart from them, that they could associate with and wear as a badge.

Logos of course are still important, but people don’t want to be sold things in quite the same way. It’s not enough now for a brand to simply appeal and solve a problem, it must connect with consumers on a personal level. People relate to people not products. Going forward, authentic relationships need to be built and brands are opening the doors to the factory floor – a bit like Willy Wonka. 

Graphic Design 

This is one aspect of brand identity that hasn’t gone away in recent years. There is still growth and upward trends in the graphic design industry as brands strive to optimise their websites to be both beautiful and highly functional. Regardless of what your business or service provides, the website is a unique and powerful expression of who you are.

Think of all those company websites that don’t hold your attention for long or inspire much confidence in you. These are the companies that will be left adrift in 2020 unless they hire an excellent local graphic design company to get their website ship-shape again.


The chatbots have landed! And they’re everywhere. Users love these friendly AI robots that help them to navigate a website or solve a problem for them without leaving the page to write an email. Chatbots allows brands to be more interactive with customers and more present with them as they navigate the website without the need for costly monitoring. They have travelled all the way from chatbotland and brought with them the future – conversational marketing. 


Communities have always been popular on the internet, remember chat rooms in the old dial-up days before mobile smartphones, social media, and well, just about everything.

Brands have now identified the online community as a place to engage and interact with customers in a mutually beneficial way, by creating an online brand-focused space where customers can interact, talk about products, and share ideas. Brands are getting to know their customers like never before.

Mobile Devices 

3.5 billion people worldwide are now using mobile devices meaning that brands must optimize their websites and marketing campaigns for mobile users. This means call to action (CTA) buttons that are an appropriate size for the screen, shorter paragraphs in emails, and more targeted, relevant content. It also means brands can start thinking about identifying the needs of customers who are on the move. 

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