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Artificial intelligence in communications marketing

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I spoke to Kerry Sheehan, Artificial Intelligence in Public Relations Vice Chair with the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), recently about the impact artificial intelligence (AI) will have on communications, PR, and marketing.

This is the first part in a six-part conversion with Kerry. Part two will be published in full on the Communicate Influence Patreon page in coming days

AI in communications and marketing

AI tools are set to multiply and AI channels will expand. Communicators who understand the tools, their implications, and use cases will have a definite advantage compared to their peers.

“AI will enable us to be more active listeners. It will help us track, analyse, and predict trends across a vast and ever-growing landscape of channels,” she says.

If we thought we were reaching the right people with the right message before, AI will allow us to have a deeper understanding of the hearts and minds of our audiences. It will ensure not only that we reach the right people with the right ideas, but that we do so in a hyper-personalized context that accounts for likes and dislikes, motivation and aspirations, and much more.

Kerry Sheehan

Use AI ethically and wisely

But Kerry is quick to acknowledge that AI can be used nefariously. She says: “As we embrace AI, as our clients embrace AI, it will be important to stay focused on the humanity behind the data.”

Kerry believes that communicators can demonstrate leadership by understanding how AI works and where it is vulnerable. She also says that communicators must push for the ethical and transparent use of AI.

“AI is here now, with new technologies taking us on perhaps our most profound journey in centuries,” says Kerry. “As we move boldly into the future, let’s not forget that this journey is about improving the human experience for all people. And that can only happen if we use AI ethically and wisely.”

Kerry Sheehan

PR pro Kerry Sheehan

Kerry Sheehan is an public relations strategist. She has proven success developing, managing and implementing and communicating artificial intelligence (AI) strategies, products and tools, brand building, and reputation strategies. Kerry is a Chartered PR and CIPR Fellow. She’s also a nominated member on two of its committees and member of its UK #AIinPR panel, looking into the implications and opportunities of artificial intelligence in PR to guide members and the industry. You can find Kerry on LinkedIn.

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