Exploring the motivations of the entrepreneur and the mountaineer

On Feb. 1, Communicate Influence will publish and exclusive interview with British mountaineer Alan Hinkes.

We’ll look at the parallels between mountaineering and entrepreneurship. We’ll also explore Alan’s remarkable achievement of climbing the highest 14 mountains in the world, all higher than 8000 meters, and all in the Death Zone.

Until then, here’s a peak at the trailer for a documentary about Alan, set for release later this year. It’s being made by outdoor photographer and filmmaker Terry Abraham, and you can read more about the film here.

Sheelagh Caygill

Sheelagh Caygill is a journalist, content marketer, and communications specialist. She has worked for newspapers, news organizations and in the corporate and non-profit sector in Canada and the U.K. Based in Toronto, she is freelancing and looking for a permanent position. Contact her via the contact form on this site or Linkedin.

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